Improve Your Productivity With a Home Office Upgrade

If your home office is where the money-making magic happens, then it – and you – deserve to be upgraded to maximize your productivity as much as possible. After all, if your entire household relies on your ability to generate income, then improving your ability to accomplish that efficiently is a worthy investment! It’s not necessary to budget tens of thousands of dollars; a few strategic purchases and stylish touches can be enough to keep your motivation up with a home office facelift.

Optimize your organization

When you’re in the throes of closing a deal or meeting a deadline, it can be easy to let papers land in random places until they become intimidating stacks. Instead of stopping to file every document that crosses your desk, keep them organized until you have the time to dedicate to putting them in their final – or at least long-term interim – resting place. A mail organizer can contain your mail until you have time to get through it. Bins can help keep unsightly piles in check; label them with action items such as “to read” and “to file” for easy organization.

You should also consider ways to reduce your paper; in this day and age of digital storage, it makes sense to take advantage of this inexpensive technology to both store and secure your important documents, as long as you remember to back up your system regularly. Scanners these days are relatively inexpensive, and you can download receipt scanner apps for purchase receipts to conveniently keep track of your business expenses as you incur them.

Reclaim your comfort

If you spend as much or more time in your office as you do streaming your favorite television shows, then make your body as happy at your desk as it is on your sofa. That may mean purchasing a new desk and chair, but that cost will likely be less expensive than regular chiropractic visits or treatment for office worker maladies like carpal tunnel syndrome. Be sure you try your desk and chair combinations before buying them, and get clarification on the store’s return policy in case your purchase doesn’t work out after a few days of real-world implementation.

You might also consider a stand-up desk, particularly if you tend to suffer from nagging or acute back pain from sitting and working at your computer. If the idea of standing for 8+ hours a day concerns you don’t worry; you can purchase height-appropriate stools for those times you want to sit. In addition to relief from back pain, standing desk users also report being more alert and productive than with traditional desk and chair combinations. More on home office furniture here.

Dealing in décor

There are some easy ways to upgrade your home office décor without being a design maven. For starters, plants offer some surprising benefits, including increased focus and yes, productivity. They can also reduce stress and help keep your air clean. Upgrade your lighting so that you can adjust it as necessary. LED lighting is a good and long-lasting way to go, but also make sure to illuminate your workspace with a desk lamp; a cordless one can help in your anti-clutter quest.

Finally, assess your walls and floors. Could your walls do with a color boost? A cheery yellow may be just the thing to keep you energized throughout the day or, if your profession is particularly stress-laden, consider a calming blue. A complimentary throw rug can be just the fast and easy way to tie everything together.

Win at work!

Working from home can be fraught with distractions, so creating a space where you want to be, to get the most out of your efforts, is a DIY project worth pursuing. After all, winning at work is one component to an increased quality of life for you, and for everyone who relies on you.

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