Don’t Storytell But Storymake!

Any brand will need to tell a story. It’s about telling people who they are, where they came from and why they do what they do. They connect, resonate and entice people to take action which is a positive in the world of business. However, storytelling can be a one-way street. It simply means that someone is telling a story and the other person is listening. Therefore, it means that the process only works one way. When you are storymaking, you’re bringing others into the equation, to work together and create something unique.

If you are storymaking, what do you have to consider in order to get it right? It’s about content writing, engaging, pushing boundaries and inviting people to play their part. Any top content writing service will tell you that writing is an art but once you bring others into it, it will take your brand to a new level. 

Put Your Audience First

This underpins the entire idea of storymaking. It’s not about your brand, it’s about your audience and you need them at the heart of your stories. This isn’t about asking your audience to create stories that you can use. There is more to it than that because storymaking is about understanding what is important to your audience

Be Honest

The story of a brand is supported by the honesty of the brand but also the way in which your audience has experienced your brand. Ultimately, it has to meet the desires of your audience.

It’s imperative that you understand the way in which your brand fits into the lives of people. So, gain an understanding of how their lives are impacted by tensions and cultural values.  Brands need to understand why telling a compelling story is not enough.  The idea of making things has a certain element of rawness to it, as well as pride. If you want to make a real, honest experience for your audience, then you have to be a part of the journey and experience it with them. 

Brands often fail when it comes to telling an interesting story because they often believe that they can. The truth is, they can’t. Storymaking has a social aspect to it because the stories are made by breaking down barriers and overcoming challenges.

It Has To Be Emotional And Thought Provoking

It Has To Be Emotional And Thought Provoking

You’ve got to make your brand story connect emotionally because your audience has the ability to completely avoid it if they wish. Therefore, it has to be thought provoking and cause them to feel an emotional connection to your story and brand

They don’t want faceless, meaningless, empty content. They want something that they feel a part of. Your content can lure them in and make them feel a part of who you are. This is vital for any brand because there are competitors out there fighting to capture your audience. So, give them a reason to stick around and understand who you are and what you do. When you get that right, you’ll find customer loyalty grows along with an increase in brand-believers.

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