Hiring a Successful Freelance Team: Best Practices

Did you know that there are over 2.2 million freelancers in the U.K.? And globally, there are more freelancers out there than you can count. Whether you’re looking for support in web design, running your blog, or accounting and finance services, you can rest assured that you will find a freelancer for your needs. Having a team of freelancers handy for your business can help you grow to new heights. Here, Freelance Writing Studio breaks down everything you need to know about building a happy, successful, and productive team of global freelancers. Let’s dive right into it.

Figure Out What You Need

Before you do anything, stop for a moment and take stock of your business needs and preferences. Think about the services you require and the professionals you’ll need to get your work done. You should also think about logistics – do you need your freelancers to be in the same time zone as you? Does everyone on the team need to speak the same language? How will you communicate with them? Clarifying these questions will help you understand who to reach out to and what to look for. Listing these out in a Google Doc or exhaustive list will also be a good reference you can look back to during every stage of the hiring process.

Finding Your Dream Team

Before looking for your dream team, be sure to take care of some basic administrative tasks. For example, forming an LLC for your business has several benefits, such as reduced paperwork, flexibility, tax advantages, and limited liability. States have different regulations around LLC formation, so check out the rules in your area before proceeding. If you want to avoid the legwork and hefty lawyer fees, you can also use a formation service to take care of the heavy lifting. Next, ask around your network of contacts for quality freelancing professionals. They may have some leads on freelancers who can help with your specific needs. It is also possible to search through reputable freelance job sites. Sites like Peopleperhour, UpWork, FlexJobs, and Fiverr have ratings, reviews, and client feedback which is really helpful in understanding a freelancer’s professionalism and work ethics before bringing them on board.

Working with Different Types of Freelancers

According to Forbes, there are seven main freelancing fields. These are accounting/bookkeeping, customer service, digital marketing, HR and recruiting, therapy, and computers and IT. Whichever their speciality, remember that communication is make or break when working remotely. Be sure to define project details, including specifics like tools and software, availability, and task completion and delivery. Having proper documentation through this process will be super critical, as will having documents on hand that they can refer to when needed. Use a platform like Slack or Google Meet to facilitate communication on the go. This prevents misunderstandings of failed deliverables, as you’ll all be on the same page about goals and expectations.

For example, suppose you’re communicating with a web designer, graphic designer, or marketing professional. In that case, you will need to work with various online documents. To facilitate the back and forth of the design process, you may need to compress JPG files to make them easier to email. Use an online tool to help convert an image to a PDF. Compressing a JPG file can degrade image quality; instead, use a JPG to PDF converter to turn your pictures into PDFs while preserving image quality. You will even be able to convert multiple JPG files into one PDF, so you won’t have to email many images at once.

According to Harvard Business Review, we live in the age of the gig economy. Building an unbeatable team of freelancers will be invaluable for your business tasks and functions running smoothly. After all, freelancers are excellent for communicating together and working remotely – so it’s time to get started on finding freelancers who are on their A-game 24/7!

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