Freelance Writing Studio Increases Visitor Numbers for a National Client

Our client operates in the sports betting industry and wanted to create clear content that engaged with their target market. We put an agreement in place for them to use our web content service to cover 25,000 words per week. Our content resulted in an increase in visitor numbers by 137%, an increase in profits by 46% and an increase in their Google ranking on page one

The Client

We were approached by our client who was looking to improve their reach and connection with customers. The client has a strong position in the betting market and has been operating for a number of years, so they are highly regarded and recognised.

The Problem

Our client is already one of the leaders in their industry and the way in which they provide customers with the latest odds is the reason why they are so popular. However, they realised that bettors wanted more information in order to make more informed betting choices. As a result, they found that bettors were not making as many bets as expected and this was causing them to lose business. With fewer bets made and visitor numbers dropping, they realised that the time had come to begin creating regular content that gave bettors up-to-date information.

They had been creating content in-house but discovered that they needed professional assistance as the content was not generating the results they expected. This is where we came in and helped to guide them in the right direction.

The Solution

The client learned about our service online via our website which took a small amount of searching online. Once they had checked through our website and discovered that we could be the right fit, they decided to get in touch with us.

“We had been searching for a writing service for quite a while and we had spoken with some businesses but none of them felt right. It seemed quite daunting to begin working with a writing service because of the scale of the job at hand but once we started chatting with Craig, everything became clear.” said the managing director.

After learning about their situation and what they wanted to achieve, we proposed that our web content service was the right fit for them. This service enables us to create the content that they wanted in line with their regular briefs. Due to the fast-paced nature of the sporting landscape, we decided that it would be best to provide daily content. “ To begin with, I was fairly hesitant of what lay ahead but Craig showed me how they would structure the content in line with the sporting fixtures we would provide them on a weekly basis. I appreciated the fact that he took his time to walk us through the content, why it was structured in such a way and the reason why it contained specific information.”

Eventually, the client agreed on our solution and we started to implement their content which was delivered on a daily basis each week.

The Results

With the solution in place, it left our clients free to focus on what sporting events they wanted us to cover for them. They could then create detailed briefs that underpinned the content we created. They went from spending hours on content and wasting money to receiving content that they could simply upload to their website and publish ahead of the particular sporting events. 

This has simplified their processes and it has been estimated that it has saved them around 40 hours per week of staff time. Along with this, after careful monitoring of their website traffic, they have found that visitor numbers have increased by 136%. The good news is that this increase in visitor numbers also translated into an increase in revenue of 46%. Furthermore, it also meant that they moved up the Google rankings on page one, all of which will help to solidify the business moving forward.

As it currently stands, our client is still experiencing the benefits of our web content service as we continue to deliver for them on a weekly basis. It took time to put together their strategy but they are now reaping the benefits and discovering just how important professional content truly is. 

If you are looking to scale up your business and ensure that it cuts through the crowd, now might be the time to get in touch.

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